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Environmental Policy

  • Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Basic principle

Aware of its responsibility as a good corporate citizen, Marubeni Pulp & Paper understands that “we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” and also recognizes that it is significant challenge for us to protect the environment and contribute to create a sustainable society in our business activities. We are committed to exerting our best efforts to this end.

Basic policies

In accordance with the Marubeni Group Environmental Policy, the certification of our environmental management system is applied within business activities, products, and services in a distribution of paper and chemical products. And we establish our basic policies regarding the protection of our environment as follows.

1.We will always be aware of our impact on the environment and endeavor to reduce environmental risks, cooperating with our stockholders: effective use of essential resources, action on climate change, sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystems, and environmental prevention from pollution.
      (1)We will respect environmental laws and regulations, as well as other requirements that we accept.
      (2)In our business activities and transactions, we will pay especially attention to the prevention of environmental pollution and reducing the environmental load.
      (3)Regarding our environmental protection and management efforts in our office, we will promote and introduce green purchasing, energy saving, resource saving, waste reduction and efficient business operations.
      (4)We will strive to expand the products and services we provide that contribute to protecting and improving the environment.
      (5)In order to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and to put our policies into effect, we will implement environmental education activities that target all of our employees.
2.We will measure the effect of the activities that we conduct in line with our basic policies and review our environmental management system on a regular basis for improving environmental performance and act for ongoing improvement of the effectiveness.
3.We will inform all of our officers and employees about our environmental policies, and will also make the information regarding these policies public.