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Bringing the power of paper closer to your daily life.

No matter how far digital culture develops, there is something that only paper can provide.
Its texture, color, and scent make you relaxed. As time goes by, its changes delight you.
Sometimes paper wraps a precious gift, sometimes it conveys a sincere message.
Paper has a fabulous power to enrich our life.
Marubeni Pulp & Paper provides paper—a material that gives warmth and affection -for various scenes.

Our advantage of group

Taking full advantage of the Marubeni Group’s capabilities, which have
“strength in paper”
The Marubeni Group is a comprehensive trading corporation that expands business worldwide and has tremendous strength in paper and pulp business.
As one of Marubeni Group companies, we contribute to the group's paper business while taking advantage of its all-round capabilities from procuring raw material to manufacturing products. Many customers appreciate our group’s business structure, which can prepare various proposals based on paper materials from all over the world, and provide a stable supply of various paper products.

● Our advantage as a supplier

  1. [1]We are a distributor of Japan’s leading paper manufacturers.
  2. [2]We have our own paper manufacturing companies within Marubeni Group.
  3. [3]Since the 1960s, we handled imported paper mainly from Finland.
  4. [4]We have a close relationship with paper manufacturers in raw materials (woodchip • pulp • plantation etc.) field.
  5. [5]We have a world-wide network of partners.
  6. [6]Main suppliers are:
    • Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., Oji Paper Co., Ltd., Daio Paper Corporation, Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.,, Hokuetsu Corporation, Taiko Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd., Koa Kogyo Co., Ltd., Fukuyama Paper Co., Ltd., Nippon Tokai Industrial Paper Supply Co., Ltd., Tomoku Co., Ltd., APP, UPM-kymmene, APRIL, VINDA, Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd.,

● Our features of advantages

  • ◎Deep and wide relationships with manufacturers in Japan and other countries to provide a full range of products.
    ⇒We can propose a wide variety of products that meet precisely the needs of our customers for quality, cost, and other areas.
  • ◎First to import paper from abroad and build an extensive track record of work with overseas manufactures.
    ⇒With vast knowledge, we can make use of imported paper more effectively than other companies.
  • ◎Close relationships with manufacturers in Japan and other countries.
    ⇒We have secured supply sources which enable us to handle the unexpected flexibly.
  • ◎Worldwide network built by fully utilizing our capabilities as a comprehensive trading company.
    ⇒We are able to provide up to date information from across the world.
  • ◎In order to adapt ourselves to the globalization of the paper industry, we dispatch personnel to Marubeni Corporation's overseas subsidiaries continuously and nurture them.
Marubeni Group value chains
Marubeni consists of a closely-knit group of companies that are among industry leaders at all stages, from plantation to wood chip and pulp production, papermaking and marketing, even to logistics and used paper recycling. We have built a unique value chain that links the high quality information provided by each company in order to follow market trends accurately to develop more strategic proposals for our customers.

Plantation/Wood chips

Overseas plantation project
WA Plantation Resources (Australia)
Marusumi Whangarei Co., Ltd (New zealand)
PT. Musi Hutan Persada (Indonesia)

Plantation projects of PT. Musi Hutan Persada (Indonesia)


Pt. Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper (Indonesia)

Pt. Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper (Indonesia)

Paper & Paper  Board  Production

Koa Kogyo Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Fukuyama Paper Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Marusumi Paper Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Kraft of Asia Paperboard & Packaging Co.,Ltd. (Vietnam)

Koa Kogyo Co.,Ltd. (Japan)

Sales projects Processing

Domestic Sales Companies
Marubeni Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Marubeni Office Supply Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Forestnet Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Logistics Network
Marubeni Logistics. Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Waste Paper Recycling Business
Marubeni Paper Recycle Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Well Corporation (Japan)

The power of paper

Providing paper products of distinct characteristics
that suit various applications in our lives.
Paper has the potential to enrich our lives in a variety of ways.
We have a wide variety of product lineup to fully release the respective potentials.
  • Transmission Magazine paper,
  • Expression Printing paper
  • Information paper
  • Tolerance Packaging materials
  • Containerboard and box
  • Material Chemical products
  • Applied skill Raw materials
  • Development Functional materials