Chemical products

To offer materials meeting our customers’ needs regarding product quality, function, and cost, we have deployed a comprehensive range of services, from raw materials through to product packaging.

Chemical products are used for many purposes and are everywhere in our daily life. To meet our customers’ needs, we have provided our services in a wide range of areas, from granulated plastics, used as raw materials, and the sheet films processed from such plastics, through to the packaging of end products.

Our featuresMarubeni Group Value Chains

  • ◎ Offering high value-added proposals for raw materials, films, sheets, product procurement, commodity distribution, and inventory management services
  • ◎ Utilizing the Marubeni Group’s global network to possess diverse supply sources both in Japan and in overseas countries
  • ◎ Being engaged in enhancing functions for a broad range of fields, and offering proposals from the product development stage
    • Field of food products
    • Field of medicine
    • Field of electrons
    • Field of office automation
  • ◎ Also promoting environment-conscious packing materials
    • Dealuminization
    • Non-vinyl chloride materials
    • Refills