Containerboard and box

To protect our customers’ important packages, we have always offered environment-friendly high-quality containerboard base paper and containerboard products.

Containerboard, made mostly of recycled waste paper, greatly assists the resolution of environment-related issues and is one of the packaging materials essential to our daily life. To enable our customers to carry their important packages with a sense of safety, we have provided high-quality base paper and products meeting the functions and fulfilling the needs that our customers require, regarding size, strength, and low weight.

Our featuresMarubeni Group Value Chains

  • ◎ Offering containerboard base paper and containerboard cases
  • ◎ Offering containerboard items designed for food and industrial products
  • ◎ Utilizing the Marubeni Group’s network to provide products and consistent services satisfying our customers, from raw materials procurement through to the manufacture and sale of base paper
  • ◎ Offering a continuous supply of base paper meeting our customers’ needs, through the Marubeni Group’s paper-manufacturing companies Koa Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Fukuyama Paper. Co., Ltd., and through many other leading paper manufacturers in Japan and through overseas paper manufacturers
  • ◎ Striving, as a trading company specializing in distribution services, to generate synergistic effects in cooperation with customers, converters, and base paper manufacturers
  • ◎ Also proposing a closed-loop recycling system to respond to environment-related issues
  • ◎ Obtaining timely information directly from overseas countries through the Marubeni Group’s network, being deployed around the world