Functional materials

We have proposed and created products based on films and paper with special functions, according to demanded functions.

We have also worked to precisely understand diversely changing needs in order to propose high-performance paper and films depending on the functions becoming necessary. In addition, we have made efforts toward the development of new high-performance products and new markets.

Our featuresMarubeni Group Value Chains

  • ◎ Choosing and producing the most appropriate proposals meeting various needs, from among a wide variety of choices including those from the Marubeni Group
  • ◎ Developing new high-performance products and implementing the sales of such
  • ◎ Proposing the most appropriate products from various Japan-based and overseas manufacturers, while developing new high-performance products and implementing their sales
  • ◎ Importing overseas pulp to promote the application of such to a wide range of paper media and packaging paper
  • ◎ In the current situation where the quality required for raw materials always continues to change with rapid technological innovation, offering products based on films and paper with the special functions being demanded by the market