Information paper

We have offered a stable and speedy supply of computer paper serving as a bridge between human beings and information.

Information paper is an essential tool in business settings. We have utilized the Marubeni Group’s value chain to offer a stable and speedy supply of high-quality products and to meet our customers’ needs regarding demand.

Our featuresMarubeni Group Value Chains

  • ◎ We are supplying photo-copy paper (cut sheets), household paper, stationery, and so on.
  • ◎ By maximizing the utility of Marubeni Group’s value chain of the integrated product lines from the raw material as the upstream down-stream to the final products, we are able to provide the high added-value service to our customers.
  • ◎ The global networks of Marubeni Group are able to provide the precise and timely information to our customers from all-over the world directly.
  • ◎ We have our own converting facility of register rolls, fax rolls, and other related products(Marubeni Office Supply).