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Magazine paper, book paper and newsprint

We promote a sales strategy that focuses on planning and proposing paper products for various publications and newspapers to customers.

We actively provide high cost-performance solutions to meet our customers' needs in various specifications/properties such as paper color, luster and quality.

Our featuresMarubeni Group Value Chains

  • ◎ Do long-term business with about 70 companies, including as major publishers and newspaper companies
  • ◎ Provide paper used for various publications (women’s magazines, weekly boys' comic magazines, young adults’ comic magazines, hardcover books, paperback books, comic books, picture books, free magazines, etc.)
  • ◎ Provide newsprint used for sports newspapers in particular
  • ◎ Provide, not only paper, various kinds of products and materials for magazine supplements through Marubeni as SOGO SHOSHA(general tradingcompany)
  • ◎ We handle a broad range of paper products by functioning as Japan’s leading paper manufactures’ distributor.
  • ◎ Having our own paper manufacturing companies within Marubeni Group, we are actively cooperating with each other.
  • ◎ We are the first company who imported paper mainly from Finland and introduced to our clients in Japan right after the oil crisis occurred since the 1970s.
  • ◎ As a pioneer of imported paper, we have accumulated know-how for effective utilization through our long-term business with overseas manufacturers.
  • ◎ We obtain overseas’ fresh market information directly through Marubeni Group’s global network.