Printing paper

Our missions are to suggest paper to meet our customers’ various needs and to recommend environment-conscious products.

As for the production of similar types of items such as leaflets and catalogues, the requested conditions for our customers’ preferences (thickness, color, textured surfaces, gloss, etc.), production processes (printing, folding, bookbinding, etc.), and delivery methods (inserts, direct mail, delivery at shops, etc.) differ depending on each customer. We have thus provided the most suitable paper for their various needs.

Our featuresMarubeni Group Value Chains

  • ◎ Offering varieties of printing paper (leaflets, catalogues etc.)
  • ◎ We handle a broad range of paper products by functioning as Japan’s leading paper manufactures’ distributor.
  • ◎ Having our own paper manufacturing companies within Marubeni Group, we are actively cooperating with each other.
  • ◎ We are the first company who imported paper mainly from Finland and introduced to our clients in Japan right after the oil crisis occurred since the 1970s.
  • ◎ As a pioneer of imported paper, we have accumulated know-how for effective utilization through our long-term business with overseas manufacturers.
  • ◎ We obtain overseas’ fresh market information directly through Marubeni Group’s global network.
  • ◎ Supporting printing management operations to rationalize the printing costs such as for catalogues.