Raw materials for paper production

Against the current growing demand for forestry preservation and the further effective usage of the Earth’s resources, we have offered a stable supply of high-quality pulp both from Japan and overseas in collaboration with Marubeni, which implements business operations to consume and nurture such resources.

Through the Marubeni network, maintaining a high level of pulp-related operations, we have imported overseas paper manufacturing materials and offered them to paper manufacturers in Japan.

Our featuresMarubeni Group Value Chains

  • ◎ Obtaining timely information directly from overseas countries through the Marubeni Group’s network, being deployed around the world
  • ◎ Having the Marubeni Group’s pulp production facilities at two locations in Canada and one in Indonesia to ensure a stable supply of pulp
  • ◎ Possessing the largest overseas afforestation areas among Japan’s companies, as the Marubeni Group also has placed emphasis on the forest products industry