Marubeni Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd. was established in 1953, and received capital participation from Marubeni Corporation the following year. And we are one of the first companies to become a member of Marubeni group among others.

In 2010, Marubeni Corporation transferred the sales department of paper and paperboard to our company. Since then, as a Marubeni’s core company of domestic sales, we have been keeping up strong relationships with group’s paper-manufacturing companies and various suppliers world-wide. At present, we handle a wide range of products from traditional ones (magazine, book paper, printing paper, containerboard) to new ones (information paper, packaging materials, sanitary paper, chemical products and paper products).

As a member of Marubeni group, we will take advantage of comprehensive capabilities and global network in order to keep up with the times flexibly and shift to a business that can add new values. In addition, we will make efforts to meet customers’ demands appropriately and to be a trusted partner for them.
Furthermore, we aim to be an eco-friendly company.
We has acquired ISO, Forest Certification(FSC®, PEFC) and we are working hard every day to contribute to society for the better future.

With our all employees, we will put forth every effort to earn the trust of our customers.
We appreciate your continuous support.

Naoki Obinata